How to Live in Joy & Manifest with Ease: An Interview with Abraham-Hicks “Hot-Seater”…Nicole DeVito

IMG_4537(Inspiring INTERVIEW AUDIO LINK below!!!)

Hi Friends!

Recently I had the great pleasure of doing my first on-line interview with an EXTREMELY INSPIRING new friend, fellow New-Yorker… and fellow Abraham-Hicks fan (a.k.a. Law of Attraction philosophy fan), Nicole DeVito. One of the reasons I find her EXTRA inspiring, is because, for the short time that I have known her, which is under a year (since meeting her on an Abraham-Hicks Caribbean Cruise last March)…she has been one of the very few people chosen (out of probably about 300 people in the audience) to go up on stage at an Abraham event to ask questions from what is called, “the Hot Seat.” Among Esther and Abe Hicks fans, being called up to the hot seat at those events is a little like winning the lottery. Maybe only 12 or so people get called on per event.

Even more inspiring than Nicole being called up to the hot seat at one event, she has been called up there at two events already…just under a year of attending such events…and many people (myself included) have gone there for a few years and have not gotten selected….needless to say, I was very curious to see what hot-seaters are doing…or how they may be more positively living…that gets them selected for such a wonderful experience.  Find out how Nicole approaches her life by living as much as she can in joy, ease and lack of attachment …which not only has helped her to get chosen for the hot seats, but has helped her to manifest or attract a continuous flow of wonderful, dream-come-true opportunities …from joyful days, to free trips, to a new career that will be starting for her in Australia next month!

So, without further ado, and with lots of gratitude, please enjoy this uplifting and fun recording of me interviewing the always-inspiring… Nicole DeVito!

ALSO: to connect with Nicole DeVito, you can visit her Facebook page at

If you would like to be kept updated on more inspiring interviews like Nicole’s which I will be doing, as well as other events…and services like law of attraction life coaching…to help YOU to live with more joy, ease and dreams-come-true, too… please enter your email address at the top right corner of this page to also receive a FREE download of How to Discover Your Passions! or go to…

Thank you, Nicole, Esther & Abraham Hicks and all of you, too…


PS: For more information on Esther/Abraham Hicks inspiring and positive books, audios, dvds and events, check out



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Introducing my new small group coaching program.

The  NEW Law-of-Attraction Group Life Coaching and Book-Study class will be in teleseminar format. It will be over a timespan of 4 weeks…Four 1-1/2hr. sessions. There will be a

FREE Introductory/Preview Class: 
 Tuesday, July 28th, 8:30pm – 10:00 pm Eastern (1-1/2 hour session)
4-Week Teleseminar Schedule:
Tuesdays, August 11, 18, 25 and Sept. 1 (Four 1-1/2 hour classes)
8:30pm – 10:00pm Eastern.  Find out more HERE 


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Come Say “Hello” at the Awaken Fair, NYC 1/25/15

Hi Everyone! In case you didn’t see this news on my Facebook page, here’s info on an event where I will be a vendor chatting with people about my new Law of Attraction Life Coaching services. It’s an inspiring holistic, metaphysical and “green” event in the heart of New York City this coming Sunday, January 25, 2015 and is called, the Awaken Fair.

This holistic expo has great, positive people organizing it and cool speakers and vendors of various products and services. I will be at my table for Whole Life Boogie / “Feel Blessed, Manifest!” Law of Attraction Life Coaching. Please stop by and say hello…I’d love to see old friends there, and meet my new ones (especially the many of you I met this year on Facebook)! — Lynn

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2015 New Year Kick-Starter Life-Coaching Package!


Working with a Law of Attraction Life Coach can be the “Bridge” to your Dreams in 2015!

photo 2 Hi Friends, As many of you know from my Facebook pages, I had been inquiring about interest in my Law of Attraction Life Coaching services…(as listed at the tab above) to help get you “unstuck” before the New Year’s Resolutions come and go again without changing much of anything in your new year. Let me work with you to help break you out of that rut and get you onto the path of your goals and dreams THIS year…finally!

As far as my coaching niche goes: I help mostly unfulfilled middle-aged, working women to follow their passions…and add more purpose and positivity…to their careers and lives, through more efficient use of the universal law of attraction (focusing your thoughts and feelings on what you do want, to attract what you want into your life). If this post seems to call out to you, you may want to consider treating yourself this holiday season by investing in yourself as much as you invest in everyone else, most likely;) If I didn’t invest in myself, I wouldn’t be living my passions and building my dream path as I have been the last few years. Life is much more fulfilling and fun when you take this route, in my opinion.)

Although the pro-bono and barter opportunities I was offering at first, are now closed, I would love to squeeze in one paying client this December going into January. It would be a kick-starter on your dreams for 2015…and would really work. With law of attraction life coaching, it’s not just the accountability that helps to move you along, but it is having a guide to help you with tapping into your inner wisdom and inspired ideas, along with efficiently working with the universal Law of Attraction. You can do it yourself, but it is much easier when you have a coach.

This package would be 3 one hour sessions total, over three or four weeks, via phone or Skype…ideally starting this Dec into Jan…as I , personally, need one more paid client this year to more quickly finalize my coaching certification by early January. I will take more paying clients later on in January, but only one person can fit in right now.

The 3-session New Year Kick-Starter coaching package with me is $60 off of the usual $360 price for a 3 session package as the Coaching Federation suggests as a minimum price. However, I am allowed to charge $300 and still have these 3 sessions also count toward the qualification requirements for my coaching certification). I will also throw in a fantastic inspiring and practical FREE paperback book by my coaching instructor called, How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, by Sandy Forster. You will also receive goals achieved and lots of inspiration and fun along the way!

PM me on my Whole Life Boogie or Lynn Girardi Facebook page, or email me at if interested in this coaching opportunity. If you want to read testimonials first, check them out at the TESTIMONIALS tab above!

Thank you for participating in this win-win situation which will help attract even more good things to you as you also are giving to the universe (thru me) 😉 – lynn

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Gratitude & Abundance to you in 2014, Whole Life Boogie Pals!

Hi All!

Catching up with bringing to this blog everything I’ve got going on with Youtube to hopefully help inspire you.  Here’s what some of you may have not gotten to see yet. Hope you enjoy the videos…and hope that it makes you feel that in your own life…with God, this abundant universe, and the power of your thoughts…all good things are possible! (videos listed below…)

Believing in a wonderful, happy, healthy, abundant, new year… 2014 …for YOU and us all! And, thank you for joining me on this journey,

Lynn Girardi
Whole Life Boogie / 2014

Gratitude Boogie Project Results…including a Trophy?!?!?

Gratitude Boogie Project Pt. 2 (of 3 videos)

Gratitude Boogie Project Pt 1

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A New Beginning…

The above link is my first crack at shooting video as practice for more video-blogging to come. It was taken at a last minute weekend away for “self-care” …as we all need. It was a mini retreat I took… to renew and re-center…at a wonderful place called Mohonk Mountainhouse in upstate New York. It happened to be for a favorite, relaxing weekend that they have up there…a Yoga/Meditation weekend with a favorite yoga teacher of mine, Jillian Pransky

Hi Everyone!

Yes, it’s me… finally back in the saddle again…even though the last time I spoke to you was upon returning from an inspirational event in Austin, Texas…a wonderful event and the brain-child of my entrepreneurial mentor’s, Barbara Winter! ( by the way…for info on her wonderful work for people who are or want to be “passion-following” entrepreneurs!) 

I’ve been out of the loop for quite awhile to nurture myself through life’s challenges…to get back into a positive focus and the positive flow in life (or back into  “alignment” as author/spiritual teacher Esther “Abraham” Hicks) would say. With thanks to God, dear ones, and the wonderful authors/teachers out there in self-development, spirituality and holistic health, I’m more inspired than ever to make this the year that Whole Life Boogie makes big strides in sharing the tremendously positive and hopeful teachings I continue to learn and work on applying along my own life’s path…in hopes of it helping to inspire you on yours.

Whatever inspiring, hopeful and fun experiences I have along the way, I hope to share with you, so that it may remind each of us that there is a power within and around us…what I call God’s power (you may call it Source, universal energy, etc.) of which we are all connected. That power makes good things possible more than we realize and can help each of us to create more positive, wholistically healthy lives, following our passions, experiencing more joy, sharing more joy with others, and literally helping us to have our dreams come true.

Over the last 2 years, despite challenges, or because of them, I put much more focus on practicing many of the spiritual life principles I have been continuing to learn about through such wonderful authors/teachers like my current favorites, Esther “Abraham” Hicks; Dr. Wayne Dyer; Bob Proctor; and many others.

I’m actually also in a Bob Proctor Coaching program  this year which is very inspiring and helpful for working on one’s dreams and goals. Between the teachings I keep up with from Esther Hicks (as inspired by “Abraham” ) and the Bob Proctor teachings of how to better focus your conscious mind and clear the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind to achieve your dreams and goals and finally get  you “unstuck”…I think this is going to be a positive, self-empowered year for all that lean in the direction of committing to creating a more positive life.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey if this feels like a fit for you. :)

Joy, love and perfect health to all,


PS: You may find some little glitches here and there as I continue to learn how to update this blog… and learn the best way to shoot and incorporate video etc. I decided that “being perfect” in this venture… as in life… often keeps people from getting started or slows them down. Instead, I’m going to just start taking more “inspired action” as Esther “Abraham” Hicks says, share things as they are inspired, even if imperfect…and we’ll experience the progression together. Hopefully, it will inspire you, too, to seize the day!

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J.J.Jamboree-Bound! Austin, here we come!

Hi Everyone!

As I prepare to go the JJJamboree (the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree ), I have to say that I am excited not only to help Barbara Winter, Alice Barry and Sandy Dempsey with this new passion-following entrepreneurial EXTRAVAGANZA…which I am!…but, also, to be pretty-much launching my dream-business, “Whole Life Boogie,” with this event! I guess last year’s event of Barbara’s (and Alice’s)–Follow Through Camp in Dodge City, Kansas– plus the Barbara Sher Success Team I took part in this past winter (hosted by Sher’s wonderful assistant, Andrea Reese )…plus committing to being one of the Jamboree coordinators…REALLY helped me to finally “get my entrepreneurial act together!” I tell ya’…one of the best entrepreneurial lessons I learned is that having deadlines and committing to projects with other people involved (accountability) FINALLY can take your passion from a hobby-like state of “dabbling”…to a real business dream-come-true!

I’m so grateful to Barbara Winter, Alice and Sandy and all of my helpers along the way…in particular, the BW “tribe” who have been supporting me over the years…and Terry Belford this year, without whom I would not finally have a website and proper email and social media set up for my business launch at the JJJ event! Thanks so much, Terri! (I recommend Terri’s “hands-on” business launch weekend workshop if you’d like someone to walk you through the steps in person while on the computer– so you can set up the same for your business. for info.)

I’m looking forward to meeting all of the attendees as well as the speakers on a wide variety of helpful topics for entrepreneurs. I also can’t wait to share my “two-step flavored” country line dance activity with everyone during the seminar…as requested by the big Kahuna herself. I’m honored;)

I know it’s going to be the usual BWinter event–inspiring, practical, and FUN–and, this time, more fun than ever before since it’s part seminar/part celebration…

See ya’ there?


:) Lynn

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From Entrepreneurial “Groupee” to Book Club Host

Anyone who knows about my entrepreneurial interests over the years knows that entrepreneurial author/speaker/coach, Barbara J. Winter has long been a business mentor/”pal” of mine.

Since finding the first edition of Barbara’s wonderfully inspiring book, Making A Living Without A Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work that You Love (Bantam Publishing) back in the 1990s…a book which “rescued” me from a job I absolutely–let’s say–did not love (at all!)…I have been a follower…and kind of entrepreneurial “groupee.” I found Barbara’s book in a bookstore one night after another aggravating day at work. The title called out to me BIG TIME! I read the book…LOVED IT…emailed her my compliments…and after she quickly replied and kept an email conversation going…a wonderful entreprneurial friendship was born! Barbara and her book gave me inspirational and practical tips which have been helping me to grow my own passion-following business projects ever since…while helping to keep me positive and motivated despite the challenges that come up (most of them in my own thinking: fears, self-doubt, etc.).

FINALLY this year, 2010, was a time to put my money where my mouth is (so to speak) and help get this “passion-following entrepreneurial philosophy” (that I soooo believe in) out to the masses! What better place to get Barbara’s hopeful business message out to others……especially during this challenging economy…than at Borders Bookstore’s Wall Street branch? Not only does this help my fellow New Yorkers (many of whom have been laid off) to find some kind of career hope…but it also helps to promote Barbara’s book (the 2010 Edition) for all the help she’s given me…AND helps to promote her upcoming Joyfully Jobless Jamboree event Oct. 15th & 16th in Texas (which I’m helping to coordinate).

On top of all of this, the Book Club has been helping me to build my own inspirational event business experience and confidence, while getting to meet some great entrepreneurial “kindred-spirits” in my hometown of NYC (finally)! For as another great entrepreneurial author, Barbara Sher, says, “Isolation is the dream-killer.” Yes, I firmly believe it is important for all of us entrepreneurs to frequently be around like-minded, possibility-thinkers who will help to cheer you on as you do the same for them. That’s one of the easiest ways to insure that you stick to your path, and take the right actions to make your dreams a reality.

With that said, the Making a Living Without a Job, book club/book reading event (which I discuss more on the events page of this website) was small, but to me, a success! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to use Borders Bookstore/ Wall Street branch in NYC to hold this 5 week Wednesday night event this past summer. (Thank you to Nicole Giglio, Dahlia and the rest of  the Borders’ staff for giving me this wonderful opportunity). I got to meet some great entrepreneurial New Yorkers who were eager to read Barbara’s book and share their own insights each week. Special thanks to Sharon, Jim, Nelson and Judith who participated in most of the classes, as well as to others who were only able to come by once, but added to the inspiration. (Photo above: Marty, Nelson, Lynn and Sharon). Of course, last but not least, is the person who let me run with this opportunity to use her rich work to help inspire others, and myself, in the process…the author herself…my mentor, Barbara Winter… AND my entrepreneurial “tribe” and cheering section whom I met through Barbara, especially Alice Barry, Sandy Dempsey, Terri Belford, Jami Yanowski and my other pals from Barbara’s seminars.

It was a great experience…and I couldn’t have done it without my “tribe”…old members and new. And, with God’s continued help, there’s more fun and inspiration to come!

With gratitude,

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Taking Care of the Inner Self

No matter how busy one gets in business or personally, you need to take time to relax and renew…

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Friday at Biz Launch Workshop


It’s Friday at the Business Launch Workshop and I’m here with Terri Belford and Alexia Petrakos learning entrepreneurial social media tips and tricks.

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